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Sports is our domain

The game of golf

Our Expertise

We Do Sports has a rich history in the golf industry, deeply rooted in a passion for the game. Our expertise ranges from the golfing experience, market knowledge, and course operations. Beyond just the game, we're dedicated to being a part of and shape the evolution of the sport.

Experience The Future Of Golf

Highlighted project

We Do Sports has pioneered  Swedish European Tour events for over a decade and initiated the Volvo Car Scandinavian Mixed, the world's first professional tournament in a mixed format.

Barsebäck Resort

Highlighted Project

We Do Sports partnered up with the real estate firm Ernst Rosén in the strategic acquisition of Barsebäck Golf & Country Club. We enhanced the facility's operational and aesthetic standards, transforming it into a contemporary, world-class golf destination.

Who are we?

We are a company with a strong passion for all things sports.  Rooted deeply in golf, our expertise spans the spectrum of this sport's vibrant landscape. Yet, our vision goes beyond just one sport. We're here for companies, regardless of their size or domain, eager to tap into the sports market.

Our Services

What We Do

Elevating locations into premier sports destinations, blending unique ambience with top-tier facilities.

Golf Destination 


Crafting unforgettable experiences through bespoke sports events that captivate and engage audiences.

Event Management 


Delivering impactful sports marketing campaigns paired with high-quality production.

Marketing & Media Production



Marketing Manager

Axel Emanuelsson


Henrik Hilford Brander

Communications & Project Manager

Jakob Löfstedt


Claes Nilsson

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